Some of my Diverse Jobs and Adventures

  1. Cinema Worker: My first job was in a Chester cinema, earning 10 shillings and 6 pence a week. I can’t recall why I left.
  2. Carpet Warehouse: Worked in a carpet warehouse in Chester (again, the reason for leaving escaped me).
  3. Electrician’s Mate: At Chester Gas Works, I assisted as an Electrician’s Mate.
  4. Escape to Southport: After a few months at the gas works, I ran away from my father and returned to Southport. There, I lived with my Maternal Grandmother, Uncle, and Aunt in the house where I was born.
  5. Apprentice Motor Mechanic: My first job in Southport was as an Apprentice Motor Mechanic.
  6. Glove Cutter: I became an Apprentice Glove Cutter at the Essdee Glove Factory.
  7. Royal Mail Postman: Delivered mail as a Postman with the Royal Mail.
  8. Milkman: Carried milk deliveries for Bates Diaries.
  9. Bus Conductor: Collected fares as a Bus Conductor with Southport Corporation.
  10. Projectionist: Operated projectors at the Grand Cinema.
  11. Labourer: Worked on various building sites.
  12. Brickworks Labourer: Piecework at Alty’s Brickworks in Hesketh Bank.
  13. Hotel Work: From Kitchen Porter to Waiter, I worked at the Prince of Wales Hotel, Scarisbrick Hotel, and Metropol Hotel.
  14. Waverley Hotel: Lived in and served as a Kitchen Porter, Chef, and Handyman at the Waverley Hotel on the Promenade.
  15. Love and Marriage: I met a girl in Woolworths, and we got married in 1964.
  16. Pyrotechnician: (the posh name for a firework maker) at the e Excelsior firework factory in Southport.

Military Service

On Valentine’s Day 1966, I joined the Royal Air Force.

  • Postings:
    1. RAF Term Hill (Shropshire)
    2. Air Movements at RAF Gutersloh (West Germany) for 3 years
    3. Services Booking Centre in London for 1 year
    4. Sea and Air Movements at RAF Gan (Maldives) for 9 months
    5. HQ Air Transport Command at RAF Upavon (Wiltshire) for 5 years.
    6. I escaped from the RAF on Valentine’s Day 1978.

Homeownership: While at Upavon, I bought a house in Trowbridge, Wiltshire.

Volunteering during and after RAF Service

  • Devizes Hospital Broadcasting Service: As a committee member and broadcaster, I contributed to the community through radio.
  • Wiltshire Probation and AfterCare Service: Volunteering here allowed me to support individuals in need.
  • Trowbridge Queens Silver Jubilee Committee: I actively participated in celebrating this special occasion.
  • Trowbridge Carnival Committee: Contributed to organizing the vibrant Trowbridge Carnival.
  • John of Gaunt School Parent Teacher Association: Engaged with parents and teachers to enhance the educational experience.
  • Press Officer for the Wiltshire SDP: My role involved communication and advocacy.
  • Chairman of the Trowbridge and Westbury SDP:

Transition and New Beginnings

 Post-RAF Career:

  • After leaving the RAF in February 1978, I managed the Stock Rooms and Ticketing Department at the Owen Owen Department Store in Bath until its closure.
  • Store Man and Stacker Driver: I spent 20 months at the Westinghouse Brake and Signals factory in Chippenham.
  • Life Changes: At 40, I faced a divorce and had to relinquish my house. I volunteered for redundancy and moved in with my brother in Southport.
  • TOPS Electronics Training Course: I eagerly awaited the start of this course.
  • Roofing with My Brother: During the waiting period, I assisted my brother as a roofer in Southport.

Academic Pursuits

  • Senior Electronics Technician: I secured a job at Kingston Upon Thames University.
  • Academic Pace: Adjusting to academia, I realized that life moved at a different pace.
  • Ordinary National Diploma in Engineering (Electronics): I excelled in this course at Kingston Upon College night school, after which I was sponsored by the University to attend day release at the college. To continue the course which I passed.
  • Higher National Diploma in Engineering (Electronics): I embarked on this 3-year day release program in the following academic year.

My interest in computers and computer games started

  • ZX 48K Computer: My first computer purchase marked a new technological chapter.


The Journey Continues…

  • To be continued…